Lee Chyun Enterprise manufactures EVA foam-based products in alphabet letter shapes, as well as number puzzle mats and building blocks.

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Need formamide-free foam mat? Contact us now !

  • Need formamide-free foam mat? Contact us now !
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    Dear valued customers,
    Appreciate your attention to below soft reminder _ new regulation of E.V.A. foam puzzle needed to meet formamide free foam mat standard !
    Per new rule from EU Commission, the toxic substance _ Formamide should be banned from E.V.A. foam products. Thus, Lee Chyun has taken rapid action shipping formamide-free EVA foam playmat/ foam toys to several European countries including France, Belgium, Swiss, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, UK, Ireland....etc. Sincerely Lee Chyun hopes to bring more and more safety toys to our dear children.
    Lee Chyun wishes to co-operate with more buyers who care about children’s safety like we do. Please contact us via leechyun@seed.net.tw for formamide-free EVA foam mat now !!!
    Remark: For regulation from EU authority, please visit http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/sectors/toys/faq/index_en.htm